SimpleCI is written by me (斟酌 鵬兄). Followed by my limited knowledges, it was intended to make a simple-ish continuous intergration system which aims to make my life goes easier and for home use.

It integrates with gitolite3 and uses a simple git_hook to handle the push event.


It build sources, run tests then store the results. Nothing more.

Here's how it works:

  1. You do your stuff and make changes
  2. Then pushed your changes
  3. The system noticed your commit and place it to a queue (Commit Watcher)
  4. The queue gets executed and running the compile script (which is entirely written by yourself)
  5. The system takes the result and record the status
  6. Repeat
  7. The tests are not implemented yet. But I will get a hang of it,eventually.

Source code

Important notice

This is a hobby-ware. By using it, it means you agreed many things are not garanteed and I do not hold responsibilities for any of your losses.

It is SO crappy-written. It was intended to just written to be just-work.

It is required to have basic knowledge about python, bash, ssh and git. Otherwise, most likely you won't make it.

Source (not ready yet)

Web interface (not ready yet)